Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A purrfect fit

The last word I would ever use to describe the masks I create is adorable. Still, it was the word that came to mind after making this sexy little headpiece and putting it on for the first time. Here's how it goes, a leather strap runs across the forehead (and ties behind the head) and another strap, with two leather cat shaped ears (silk velvet lined) perched upon it, drapes over of the head. For pricing or to purchase this headpiece Bastet or either of the two wrist cuffs shown below (minus the beautiful model Anyssa) please email me at wendydrolma@gmail.com

Pictured below are two new cuff styles. Both are leather. This first pair is my button stud cuff set (solid brass studs and O rings), silk velvet lining. It's soft and so nice to wear.

This next pair is velvet lined as well with a satin silk ribbon tie closure. Nickle silver "D" rings.

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