Friday, October 21, 2011

Let me tell you about JohnnyB...

A couple of years back JohnnyB asked me to make a mask for him. Not in the usual sense, JohnnyB wanted a mask dedicated to and called by his name. Somehow this request did not seem unusual coming from him. Though I don't know him well, he's the embodiment of dark whimsy and liking his boldness, I agreed with the condition that he must be patient. All of the masks in my collection arrive when they do and this would be no different. Since then he's asked me a couple of times about his mask and all I could offer was a somewhat bewildered apology wondering myself when would the time come. Recently, he wrote asking "Where is JohnnyB?" adding that if I needed a Muse he was available late, late at night over Gotham. With this he sent me a photograph of himself, white faced with a red heart and black spade painted one around each eye. He was winking and had his arm around a woman all dressed in polka dots. Well...sometimes I just need a little push! JohnnyB this mask is for you. It wears your name proudly and with great mischief is ready for whatever new adventure awaits. Gotham needs a hero with a face my friend. You're it.

Below is a left and right side view of JohnnyB. These images are of the same mask. JohnnyB is made up of two masks merged together and protruding forward creating the three dimensional shape of a spade. When not being worn this mask rests comfortably on a table top.

With minor alterations, I'll be adding JohnnyB to the Garden of Stories Collection (on my website) over the upcoming month.

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