Monday, March 19, 2012


A few mornings back, a small amount of thick, tacky glue dripped onto my left hand, quickly dried and became a bead of rubber. The more I tried to rub it off, the larger and more impossible it became to remove. Pulling at it, tightness filled my chest as I imagined it spreading over my entire body and enclosing/separating me from everything I knew. This pulling went on for awhile until suddenly, to my surprise, the bulbous growth smoothed out to a thin layer and I saw my wrist, hand and fingers, sheathed in a thin, blue, polymer glove. Surprised and relieved, I pulled the glove off easily only to find that underneath was yet another glove and so on. Alarmed, I frantically peeled off each layer as fast as I could until, hit with a rush of adrenaline, I awoke.

I had this dream the morning after creating Eurhythmy, a mask inspired by research I've been doing into the significance of magnetic fields in the functioning of life. I was led to the study of magnetism through an exploration that began with crop circles and wound its way through ancient mythologies, vortex mathematics, free energy, and the kitchen sink. Literally, the improving of water quality achieved through spiraling motion.

And what, you may wonder, does all this have to do with my latest mask Eurhythmy?

Eurhythmy is a word meaning harmonious structure or rhythmic movement. Using intuitive sense to follow my studies where they lead, an awakening is gradually taking place. I'm beginning to understand and see things that were always present but have remained, until now, beyond my grasp.

For instance, in creating wearable masks, I have always felt limited design-wise by the need to locate eye openings. I treated the eye-holes as the hub around which the entire mask revolved. Eurhythmy is an expression of me shedding this preconceived idea. There are no eye-holes to speak of but also, there is no lack of vision. Space exists where I thought there was none. It thrills me to discover my way around the contradiction. The pattern for this mask resembles a long exposure photograph of stars circling our Northern pole star. As life and work are one, symmetry is found between my studies and the direction a particular mask takes.

Eurhythmy (leather, glass seed beads) - side view 1

Eurhythmy (leather, glass seed beads) - side view 2

Eurhythmy (leather, glass seed beads)- front view

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  1. Awesome! You and your work are beautiful, and profound, and you're a damn good writer too.