Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jester: Chewing the Scenery

Leave it to Mother Nature and photographer Jimmy ienner Jr. to draw out the brilliant oranges, bright yellows, golds, auburns, and flaming reds that add just the punch and pizzazz most leaf-peepers love.  The peak color intensity of a little mischief making Jester and this photographer's eye lasted throughout the fall season, proving that stepping out with a camera and a mask can be just as fun as donning one.  On good days, Jester will do most anything for a laugh--even rest comfortably on the tracks awaiting the next train!  Next stop, Greenwich Village!

 View more of Jimmy ienner Jr.'s photography and video work on his website: http://jiennerjr.com/
Stylist:  Michelle Martucci 

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